Image libraries keep social media content flowing


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.  © Brian Fitzgerald

If you’re a marketer and have responsibility for your brand’s image, having enough good content can be an issue.

It’s not just the amount of content, but the variety:  blogs, articles, white papers, graphics, images, video.   Coming up with consistent, on-point social content is a huge lift and often a thankless task.

You might put out slick, professionally-produced content.  Or, you might be utilizing smartphone images and video produced on the fly by your team and/or your clients and users.    

Both types of custom content can have a place in your social media strategy.  

I’m often asked to create image and video libraries for companies who need a large amount of content with a consistent look and message.   Supplemented often by content produced by their own marketing team, the result is an ongoing stream of sharable content.  Voila—Instant Content Superheroes.   

With a little planning,  these targeted shoots can be efficient, cost-effective and done in a very strategic way to capitalize on different seasons of the year or business cycle.  

Having a balance of polished, high-value content as well as social media-focused content will keep your audience engaged and will help you be successful at actually maininting the consistency needed to grow your audience.

Have questions about how to make this happen for you and your business? We build custom plans for our client partners and would be glad to discuss whether we’d be a good fit for yours.


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center


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