Capturing Moments

Louis Lucky Cloud
@ Brian Fitzgerald

Photography is synonymous with light. In Greek, the word literally means to draw with light.  No light, no photography. 

But what truly elevates photography to a higher form of art is something else.  If video and film are all about assembling a story, where all the parts contribute to the narrative, the still image is all about capturing a singular moment in time.

Of the thousands of images you’ve seen or created in your lifetime, which stand out as special?  It’s likely those that capture an authentic, remarkable moment.  Moments can be a shared interaction or a fleeting expression.  Sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle, their impact is immediate and profound. Moments connect with viewers and pull them in.

The legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson called what he sought to capture as the Decisive Moment.   Another way to say it:  Don’t take photos. Capture moments instead.

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