It’s not about the cows. It’s about the people.

When people remark to me that I’m working long hours in my photography business, I usually respond, ‘hey-it beats working for a living’.   The truth is, it’s a lot of work to run a business—but the rewards are also great.   One of my joys is meeting new people and working with some really fantastic clients.

One of my favorites has been MooMilk, short for Maine’s Own Organic Milk Company.  This company is as tough and gritty as they come–formed as a response to being dropped from their conventional milk distributor last year.   The half-dozen organic milk producers comprising MooMilk are small family farms located in central, northern and Downeast Maine.   In addition to producing great-tasting, healthy milk they are running their farms and now, marketing their own product.  It’s not easy, but they are doing it.

In approaching my work with MooMilk, I realized that the idea I wanted to get across was simple:  MooMilk doesn’t come from cows.  It comes from people.  You can see a sampling of photos from my shoots above.   And there’s a great op-ed piece in the Bangor Daily News that speaks to the families that are MooMilk.

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