Holiday Party…Round Two?

What a blast.  For all who were able to come to our holiday party/open house Thursday, many thanks for sharing our celebration of our first year at 28 Maple Street.  For those who weren’t able to, take heart….there’s always next year!

The corporate HQ of both Blush Imagery and Fitzgerald Photo is still bearing signs, days after the fact, of an off-the-hook party gone horribly, horribly…right.  And even as we’re taking down the candles and mopping up the crumbs we’ve not been able to wipe the grins off our faces.  What a great night.

By the count of our official people counter (Beth) we had over 125 cheery souls here on Thursday night.  The attendees were eclectic–photographers (of course), but also insurance agents, realtors, musicians, caterers, planners, journalists, financial advisors, pr/marketing specialists, programmers, designers…just to name a few.  Special thanks to Kevin Brooks for carrying in Bob Charest‘s music equipment,  to Nancy, Chuck, Dorothy and Sondra of CVC Catering for keeping everyone in (good) spirits and Gail and Shannon at Dodge The Florist in Portland for really creating some magic in our space.  We also appreciate our friends Lori and Joel Harrison, who took special care of Maggie for the night.

We even were featured in photos on page D10 of the Sunday Portland Press Herald (Scene and Heard).Thanks, Greg!  Those photos are below. We’ll post more photos soon.

[svgallery name="party"]

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