Friday Clicks: Daily websites for creatives on the go



I’m a bit of an information-gatherer:  equal parts useful data and interesting trivia, with a dash of inspiration.    It’s easy to get distracted on the web that I like having my handful of go-to sources of information.

This changes a lot, as one might imagine. I tend to like websites that offer unique content, or organize content in such a way that it makes it more useful or easier to get to.  Bonus for strong and defined points of view.

Right now, here are some of the sites I got to daily for my never-ending quest to understand the worlds I inhabit.

Josh Linkner’s blog – Author, entrepreneur

Altucher Confidential – The blog of entrepreneur and investor James Altucher.   I love that James questions many of the assumptions I (and we) take for granted.  Like, should you spend money on a home?  Is the expense of a college education actually worth it?   Worth a read.

Seth Godin’s blog – Short but thoughtful insights delivered daily.

The Daily Beast – The Cheat Sheet is a quick rundown on the day’s top stories.

Vox – When you want to dive deep and explore analysis of current events.

Quora –  Always entertaining and often informative. The tagline says it all:  Your Best Source for Knowledge.  I spend way too much time on this network, but I always seem to get more value than I end up putting in.  Gotta work on that.

Strictly Business blog –  This is an aggregator of sorts, full of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) member blogs along with original content.   It helps me greatly to hear the stories of others deep in the professional photography trenches with me.   It’s not coincidental that this is the only photo-related source of information listed here;  at that, Strictly Business has more to do with the business nitty-gritty of photography than it does about photo technique.



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