Ebook photography

I’ve had the pleasure this year of working on projects for several authors (both traditional print and e-book). Several were environmental portraits of the authors themselves—shot on location—for their printed book projects.  The third is a conceptual image for an established author who is branching out into a series of e-books.

Whether for traditional, physical books printed on paper or those destined exclusively for ebook readers, these types of images need to be impactful and must fit the genre and author’s personality.   A couple of the authors are career emergency services workers, so a certain grittiness was called for due to the subject matter—namely crime scenes and emergency calls.

The E-book, a Twilight-esque fiction novel, was all about a striking image—in this case sexy but dark—that would get the attention of potential readers.  I’ll show that image when it’s actually published and the book’s for sale.  Now that Border’s gone, you’ll need to get your books somewhere…

[photoshelter-img width=’400′ height=’621′ i_id=’I0000MhChkU_4m0o’ buy=’0′]

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