Cool water, hot look


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mallory Sophronia, a clothing designer who loves to model her own creations. Looking at her body of work, it was clear that Mallory is a creative person with a great, fun sense of style. In every photo, she brings something new and different-hard to imagine it’s the same person in each shot, which is a good thing.
I had in mind a shoot in a pool, focusing on Mal’s eyes and using the water’s surface to work in some amazing reflections. This shoot is all about intensity and body language, both of which Mallory has in spades. We shot at a local hotel on Friday and the entire crew had a great time–including Laura Flood, a makeup artist and stylist who accompanied us on location. The theme of the shoot is “Surface”–symbolizing the act of rising from the dark into the light and hinting at the strength and energy beneath.
And if that’s reaching a bit, consider this: it just looks cool. Thanks, Mallory!